Morning Light Yoga is dedicated to the ancient practice of Hatha Yoga.  By learning and practicing basic yoga postures and principles, you can affect subtle changes in your body and mind.  A continued, long term yoga practice can profoundly impact your physical and mental health.

Rooted in East Indian cultures, yoga can easily adapt to the Western lifestyle.  An introduction to the physical practice of yoga naturally leads to a glimpse of the ancient philosophical traditions that are at the core of yoga study.

At Morning Light Yoga Studio, located at Life Center Therapies for Well-Being, our intention is to introduce our students to the many benefits of yoga, and then encourage our students into a more advanced commitment to their personal yoga practices.  Our classes are small in order to provide individual attention, allowing each yoga session to be tailored to our student's needs.  Our intent is to adapt the practice to the individual, making yoga accessible to all!

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Last update: 5/3/22